Timur Abdyusheev
Creative Director
at Friends Moscow

Adrenaline Rush is a non-alcoholic energy drink, PepsiCo brand. For many years, the brand targeted extreme sports community and was linked to the adrenaline moment situations.

The brief was to create digital content and to tell a larger audience that energy drink can be used not just in extreme sports but in everyday life moments. The challenge was to find a new niche for a brand and to create an emotional connection with ordinary people.

The idea was to produce a lullaby to all who don’t sleep at night and have to perform in rough labour. To the audience which is neglected by society but does need extra energy, respect and support. We opened a niche for the adrenaline rush brand to support the territory of 'night heroes' giving a spotlight to those who work in the dark.

Musical accompaniment is produced by Russian electronic DJ Mujuice. He provided a cover song of «Good Night» by Kino, the legendary Russian band. The remake was supervised by Yuri Kasparyan, one of the founders of Kino, and Alexander, the son of Viktor Tsoi.

Kino background: Kino was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in 1982. The band was co-founded and headed by Viktor Tsoi, who wrote the music and lyrics for almost all of the band's songs. Over the course of eight years, Kino had released over 90 songs spanning over seven studio albums, as well as releasing a few compilations and live albums. Kino has remained popular in modern Russia, and Tsoi, in particular, is a cult hero. In Moscow, there is a Tsoi Wall, where fans leave messages for the musician, and the boiler room where Tsoi once worked is a place of pilgrimage for fans of Russian rock.
Maxim Ponomarev – Creative Director
Timur Abdusheev – Art Director
Elena Dernova – Art Director
Tanya Ponomareva – Copywriter
Dasha Kravtsova — Strategic Planner